Transport Services


A national transport network servicing ambient and temperature controlled products


Primary Connect has an extensive network of service partners, including many of Australia’s best transport carriers.

By contracting transport services to partners that deliver outstanding service, we are able to operate a National distribution network to service the ever changing needs of our extensive customer base.

These contracts ensure our transport partners can invest in the most up-to-date transport equipment and technology to provide safe and sustainable transport solutions across any mode of transport.

Not only do the carriers we select adhere to our Chain of Responsibility (COR) policies, but they are also considered best-in-class in their particular regions and corridors. They have the expertise, knowledge and familiarity to deliver the best possible service.

We operate freight consolidation hubs in all capital cities and link our transport services to the Woolworths distribution centre network. These services add value to both our small and large supplier partners do to the efficiencies we are able to offer through our network.

Our network facilitates the movement of all food and non-food related products, including temperature control, ambient, produce, liquor and general merchandise. Even dangerous goods. We take an innovative, creative approach to transport and tailor solutions specifically for our customers.